Kenyan man beats a Chinese who called him a ‘monkey’ [Video]

A Kenyan man earlier today gave a Chinese man a beating of his lifetime after the Chinese referred to him as a monkey at popular shopping mall in Nairobi.

The heavily built man couldn’t stand being humiliated in his own country and unleashed his wrath on the tiny Chinese man.

The Kenyan man dragged the Chinese man away from the counter to a less crowded area and delivered a thunderous slap on the poor man.


Apparently the Chinese man had called him a monkey twice while he was shopping.

Good Samaritans came in and helped the Chinese man before he could be issued with another slap.

Here is the video of the whole ordeal.

Slap of the season.

Slap of the season.

Posted by Jamal Magak on Tuesday, November 6, 2018

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