“No Mjulus is small for a well kept nunu, Vera Sidika Has a ‘ngombe’ size nunu” – MSUPA S

Whoever missed the Otile Brown – Vera Sidika breakup drama really needs to grab a seat. Vera Sidika recently exposed Otile Brown as poor performer in bed and that he would only last 10sec whenever they ‘did it’. On top of that, Vera also posted couple of Whatsapp screenshots on her Insta Story backing up her allegations.

According to the screenshots, Otile was not comfortable Vera touching herself even when they were together. Vera defended herself stating that she resorted to pleasuring herself since Otile was not man enough.

However, Msupa S came to Otile’s rescue after posting a series of tweets stating that Vera is behaving like an adolescent kid.

“Disrespecting an ex and smashing him online will and has never been my thing….Besides that i have Never gone bad or insults to my Exes…. Vera behaving like an adolescent arrested form one kid.” Msupa S tweeted. She tweeted

The female rapper also blamed Vera for not being satisfied in bed, She claims that Vera sidika can’t be satisfied because she has slept with a lot of ninjas.

“Dear men, Get in get out, no one has ever won an award for being good in bed. Meanwhile Vera Sidika should stop open up her adolescent brain and remember that she is announcing that her nunu is ‘ngombe’ size. Sad 😭😭😭,” Msupa S tweeted.

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