Randy pastor caught pants down with someone’s wife [Video]

A randy pastor caught pants down with someone’s wife who was a member of his church got a beating of his lifetime from the woman’s husband.

From the video that has since gone viral on social media , the  randy pastor is seen in his undergarments as he is being roughed up mercilessly by two men.

The story accompanying the video states that the randy pastor , whose real name is Emmanuel Badu of the Wave Chapel International was caught having s3x with someone’s wife at a local lodging.

Caught in the act.

The lady vamoosed from the scene leaving the pastor to face the wrath alone.

The randy  pastor in his defense claimed that he had been set up by the lady.

The sad incident happened in Ghana.

Watch the video below.

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Pastor Nana Appiah Aka Biblical of Glorious Wave church headed by Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi caught sleeping with someone’s girlfriend last week Sunday. The girl he was about sleeping with according to reports was so young. The big sister came to meet them and Appiah struck the lady on the face. So she started screaming and the boys heard and entered to beat him. Appiah – it continued- has once tried having sex with the girl Way back in kumasi. So he followed up in Accra too. Fortunately or Unfortunately fo him – he got the chance today but just when he was about to fire today the sis came from kumasi. So the sis was angry at what she saw and Appiah decided to strike her with something. She screamed and the area boys came in. And when they realised he was a pastor they started beating him.

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