S3x worker undresses man after he declined to pay [video]

A s3x worker had a man undressed in public after the middle aged dude refused to pay for the good service he had been accorded.

The aggrieved lady marshaled her colleagues and together they taught the poor man a lesson he will never forget in his entire life.

The no-nonsense ladies overpowered the young man , stripped him and left him with his birthday suit much to the amusement of the public around.

s3x workers at work.

As if that was not enough , they gave the man a beating of his lifetime while squeezing his mjulubeng‘ recklessly.

Actually this was a lesson learnt the had way.

Watch the video below

What could he have done to this women???

Posted by By Thinking, By Acting. African on Wednesday, November 21, 2018

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