S3xually starved for two years by hubby , woman speaks out [video]

A beautiful young man has come out to narrate how she has been s3xually starved for two years in marriage don’t care  by her hubby.

According to this woman , her husband always comes up with bull and cock stories every time she asks for s3x from him.

The man , according to the woman has been evading his conjugal rights for close to two years now.

Couple avoiding each other.

Most of the time when he comes from work , the man normally complains of being fatigued thus denying the poor lady some good lungula.

The woman now claims that the situation is getting out of hand and she’s considering looking for other options.

Here is the video of her narrating her ordeal.

Hapa sasa ndio wanaume hutuangusha !!

Hapa sasa ndio wanaume hutuangusha !!

Posted by SasaNews on Thursday, November 8, 2018

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