Sharon Otieno the lady abducted alongside NMG’S journalist found dead

Sharon Otieno a second year student of Rongo University has been found dead in Kodera forest in Homa bay county.

Sharon was found dead days after Nation media journalist Barrack Oduor who cheated death  wrote a statement with the police accusing the PA of Migori governor , one Mr Oyamo of attempting to murder him.

The PA has since been arrested over the abduction incident.

Barrack narrated how on the fateful day he was to meet the governors PA at a certain hotel in the company of Sharon Otieno but the venue was changed.

Sharon Otieno.

The two would later be ushered into an awaiting car not knowing that they were headed for elimination. After driving for few minutes they were joined by two men who ordered them to surrender all the things they had.

At this point Barrack knew his life was in danger and that’s when he fought and jumped out of the moving car , a good Samaritan helped and drove him to the nearest police station.

Lucky for him he lived to narrate his ordeal but poor Sharon lost her life at the hands of the abductors.

Sources privy to the matter state that Barrack Oduor was investigating a story of a love gone sour between the governor and Sharon Otieno.

NMG journalist Barrack Oduor in hospital.



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