“Stop Posting Explicit Photos and Act Like a Gospel Artist” Jamaican Cecile Tells Willy Paul [PHOTOS]

"Stop Posting Explicit Photos and Act Like a Gospel Artist" Jamaican Cecile Tells Willy Paul [PHOTOS]

Kenyans online have put heat on Jamaican songstress Cecile after working with Willy Paul in his latest song Sikireti. Kenyans claim that their collaboration for Sikireti only promoted Willy Paul’s Ungospelness and urged Cecile to stay away from Willy Paul.

Kenyans have also bashed Willy Paul for continuously working with other secular artists instead of focusing on  gospel songs. His fans also claim they were angered by Sikireti which is a duplicate of his song Digiri.

Recently Cecile advised Willy Paul to start acting like a gospel artist and stop posting explicit photos online. This is after Willy Paul posted half-naked photo on Instagram.

The post, which Willy Paul has now disabled commenting, attracted negative comments as Kenyans continued to bash him for his antics.

“Only the strong will survive,” Willy Paul captioned the photo and tagged Cecile. 

Cecile replied asking him to stop making such posts:

“Gospel man, why don’t you put on the clothes before them start pon you again? What kind of hype gospel is this?”

After the comment, Willy Paul was left with no option other than deleting Cecile’s comment and barring people from commenting.

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